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God: The Shatterer of Expectations

Since returning home from Tanzania, Africa, I have had much time to think about my experiences. I still may not be able to fully describe them and explain them, but I sure have thought about them. There is so much hurt in Tanzania. I looked at the streets and saw people who went through the motions every day, I saw people who were sad or angry, and I saw people who didn't know what to do next. But when I look at the streets here, in America, I could say the same exact thing. There is hurt, pain, sadness, and longing for something just a little bit more. I say all of this about Tanzania not to paint a picture in your mind of constant suffering and need (because believe me when I say that Tanzania is way more than any of that), but I tell you this to remind you that Africa and America are a lot more similar than we think.

A man in Tanzania once told me, "When you return to your home and tell people about this country, talk about the good things you saw and leave the bad things …

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